Redshank chicks and butterflies

Today, on my way to the “Baillon’s crake reserve”, song thrush, blackbird, greenfinch singing.

Near the entrance: sedge warbler singing. Barn swallow flying.

A female tufted duck with three ducklings swimming behind it; and diving sometimes.

An adult great crested grebe with two juveniles.

Reed warblers.

One great cormorant on top of the windmill.

Two coots and a moorhen grazing.

A common tern.

Reed bunting sound.

On the southern lake: gadwall. At least five black-tailed godwits.

This video from England is called Nesting Redshank. However, I think it is in fact (no orange-red legs etc.) a nesting wood sandpiper.

So, I added another video from England which does include a nesting redshank.

This video says about itself:

Ground-nesting birds in the New Forest. The New Forest National Park is home to a range of special birds which nest on the ground. Chris Packham looks at the New Forest’s managed heathlands, the birds that nest there, and what we can do to help them.

Before the redshank in the video come a wood lark, a Dartford Warbler, a nightjar, and a snipe.

After the redshank come a lapwing and a curlew.

On a mudflat, an adult redshank with three babies. About one fourth adult size; bill not yet long; legs very pale red, but already long.

Two spoonbills flying above the northern lake. Three barnacle geese.

A small tortoiseshell butterfly.

Adult and baby lapwings. A little ringed plover.

A swift.

A marsh warbler singing.

A grey heron. A red admiral butterfly.

Juvenile grey lag geese having their first flying lessons, trying to rise up from the water surface.

Three juvenile oystercatchers on a bank.

In the northern canal, two adult Egyptian geese swimming with their gosling, which is now almost adult size.

A bluethroat sings.

3 thoughts on “Redshank chicks and butterflies

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