Moroccan embassy workers’ strike in The Hague

Moroccan embassy workers' picketTranslated from TV West in the Netherlands:

Tuesday, June 14, 2011 – 14:43

The Hague – Since 1pm today, Dutch employees of the Moroccan embassy in The Hague and four consulates are demonstrating in front of the parliament building.

They protest, among other causes, because they say they are underpaid. The embassy enjoys immunity, making decisions by a Dutch judge unenforceable.

The staff suffer because of this, said the union. Eg, people who have been ill for a long time are dismissed. Because of this situation, some people are already in debt, the union says.

Morocco: Seven thousand protesters marched through Casablanca on Sunday to press demands for constitutional restrictions on the monarch’s power and an end to corruption: here.

Syria: A rogue state in the back pocket of the Western powers: here.

1 thought on “Moroccan embassy workers’ strike in The Hague

  1. Against austerity, for solidarity- plaza protest Tilburg, June 23rd , 19 hour, de Heuvel – y’all come and sead the word….y’all come and sead the word….y’all come and sead the word….

    The Dutch government imposes cuts and rains down ugy measures upon us. The personal helath udget (PGB), that many vulnerable people depend upon for care, will be severely limited. People are having to pay (more) for important provisions and treatments in health care. Child care will become more expensive. At public transport companies in three cities, several thousonds of people’s jobs are threatened. Many buslines are in danger. Workers in those companies have been on strike and will strike agin, and rightly so. Many schools, confronted by limited budgets, are cutting back on jobs for teachers and other workers. Cutbacks in arts and culture sector will be at the expense of artists, other people who work in that branch, and at the expense of people enjoying the arts. Austerity threatens both the jobs of many people and the services and provisions that many people use and need. The government cuts on many fronts – it is high time that we protest aginst ist, loudly amnd with as many people as possible. That is way we are coming into action in Tilburg again.

    We don’t stand alone in this. Country after country is buzzing with protests: against austerity, against governments riding roughshod over people witj a cuts and repression. In Spain, tens of thousands of people occupeid plazas in dozens of cities, in action, for ‘Real Democracy Now’. In Greece, a giant people’s protest is continuing aginst austerity measures which are growing ore and more severe – measures imposed under pressure of European governments and financial institutions. In Belgium there is protest in solidarity – crudely attacked by police There has been a series of actions in the Netherlands as well, with a small one in Tilburg. Country after country, city after city, is buzzing with protests – it is high time for solidarity with all this protest, and for extension of the protests. For that reason also we are coming in action again in Tilburg.

    Soooo…. on THURSDAY, JUNE 23rd, 19.00 HOUR, we will be standing on HEUVEL in TILBURG, to be seen and heard. Bring along placards with slogans, banners, other things to make our protest visible and audible. So that peoaple will know what we intend. S that people know that it concerns them as well. So that people joi the protest. So that each next action will be a bit bigger than the one before….

    Against austerity, for solidarity- plaza protest Tilburg, June 23rd , 19 hour, de Heuvel – y’all come and spread the word….y’all come and spread the word….y’all come and spread the word….


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