Lesser whitethroat and tadpoles

Today, to a part of Meijendel nature reserve, usually not open to the public, known as “the frogs’ valley”, “Kikkervallei“.

At the entrance, a willow warbler singing.

A bit further, a blackcap.

Edible frog sound near a lake.

Then, very juvenile natterjack toads. Smaller than one centimeter, but already with the characteristic stripe on their backs.

This is a video on adult natterjack toads during the mating season.

Scores of swifts flying.

Whitethroats singing.

A woodlark flying and singing.

Valerian flowers.

A cinnabar moth caterpillar on a ragwort plant.

A nightingale singing.

A little shallow pool full of hundreds of tadpoles. Judging from the small individuals around the pool who are just past the tadpole stage, probably natterjack toad and common frog tadpoles.

The pool must have been bigger than it is now: today, it rains, but it has been dry for weeks. Many water snails‘ empty shells aroud the dry pool edges.

A rabbit.

In the next lake, great cormorants, a male red-crested pochard, four male common pochards, and a mute swan swimming.

A group of house martins flying.

Tulostoma brumale mushrooms.

A juvenile common toad, about two centimeter long.

Reed warbler singing. This year, in another part of Meijendel, its rare bigger relative, the great reed warbler, has been spotted for the first time in years.

A lesser whitethroat singing in a tree.

Two buzzards circling in the air, near their nest.

A roe deer running.

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