Texas chainsaw massacre film, song, or horrible reality?

This is a music video of the Ramones playing Chainsaw, live in Texas, in 1977.

Up till today, when I heard “Texas chainsaw massacre”, I used to think about a Ramones song; a song based on a fictional horror movie.

Another video of that song is here.

Lyrics are here.

However, today, from Reuters:

Texas authorities find up to 30 bodies

HOUSTON | Tue Jun 7, 2011 6:42pm EDT

Texas authorities on Tuesday have found up to 30 bodies, possibly all children, buried at a house in a rural county east of Houston, local media reported.

The Liberty County Sheriff’s Office said 25 to 30 bodies were found, according to KPRC television.

Preliminary reports indicated the bodies are those of children, the TV station reported.

The sheriff did not immediately return telephone calls or e-mails by Reuters.

Investigators said someone told them about the location, but they did not elaborate, the station said.

Local paper Cleveland Advocate said the tipster told authorities dozens of dismembered bodies were buried at the scene.

(Reporting by Kristen Hays; Writing by Doina Chiacu, Editing by Sandra Maler)

However, KPRC TV now says:

Liberty County officials said they have no evidence of “deceased persons” despite earlier reports of dozens of bodies found in a rural area.

The Liberty County Sheriff’s Office initially said 25 to 30 bodies were discovered outside a home at the intersection of County Roads 2049 and 2048 between Hardin and Daisetta.

From the Cleveland Advocate:

The Houston Chronicle is reporting a a


source told The Chronicle a psychic made the initial call leading authorities to the location.

That “psychic” bit makes me rather skeptic on the whole story. I think it would be better if US media would write more about real mutilaled children’s bodies in Afghanistan, caused by United States bombs, and less about fictional (?) dead children’s bodies in Texas.

However, stay tuned.

Talking about children: US lied about the number of children in Guantanamo Bay.

3 thoughts on “Texas chainsaw massacre film, song, or horrible reality?


    There is no escaping the salacious Anthony Weiner Internet scandal. Since the mainstream corporate media – for the most part – merged politics, news, entertainment, celebrity personalities and sensationalism, it’s been almost impossible to have an informed national discussion on public policy.

    One Weiner “confessional” news conference is worth more in advertising revenue than a year of covering our wars that have spanned a decade.

    A sizeable percentage of Americans are out of work and without a safety net, Medicare and Social Security are under siege, wars are being fought that receive only sporadic coverage and the disparity in income in America is at its widest point in memory. Yet, these and other pressing issues play a distant second fiddle to a Congressman engaged in sexual titillation over the web and on the phone – however creepy and inappropriate that may be.

    The Weiner affair is just the latest example of what Chris Hedges calls “spectacle” coverage superseding the dissemination of news that informs and enlightens.

    Weiner – as he noted in his news conference on June 6 – will have to answer to his wife, his constituents and Congress.

    The news media that is increasingly evolving into a combination of the National Enquirer, People magazine and “American Idol” has to answer to history, as America descends into a tabloid future in which only the very rich will control the mass media “news” prism.

    Mark Karlin
    Editor, BuzzFlash at Truthout


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