Marsh warbler and little grebe

Yesterday, again the “Baillon’s crake reserve”.

Sedge warbler and reed bunting singing.

A common tern flying.

This is a common tern video.

Two great cormorants on the highest whip of the windmill. A juvenile cormorant flies toward them. Just before it lands, a sitting cormorant calls, and the juvenile flies on. A few minutes later, the two birds fly away, and the young bird sits down on the whip.

A coot with a chick. A male tufted duck.

Reed warbler singing.

On an island in the southern lake, a male common pochard resting. Over ten gadwall swimming. Barn swallows flying overhead.

Canada geese. Lapwings. A grey heron.

A female gadwall with four ducklings.

On a bank, a redshank passes a swimming male shoveler.

Two oystercatchers flying and calling.

A liitle grebe diving.

In the northern lake, where water is unusually low: shelducks. Four barnacle geese.

A marsh warbler singing.

A swift.

In the ditch near the railway, two adult mute swans with five still very small youngsters.

A ring-necked parakeet flying and calling.

As I walk back, near the southern lake a moorhen sits on top of a reed stem, over one meter fifty high. It is a bit too heavy for the stem; even flapping its wings is not enough to maintain equilibrium.

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