Lauwersmeer sea eaglet ringed

This is a Dutch video about the ringing of the Lauwersmeer sea eaglet today. In the video, a warden says that the eagle chick has been eating carp, bream, tench, rudd, wigeon, and coot.

In a later interview, zander as food was mentioned as well.

Translated from Dagblad van het Noorden daily in the Netherlands of today:

Lauwersoog – The eaglet in the Lauwersmeer nature reserve today has been ringed, weighed and measured. It turns out to be a healthy male weighing 3.6 kilogram. He is probably about five weeks old. As far as is known, this is the first time ever in the Northern Netherlands that a sea eagle has been born.

After the failed breeding attempt last year, there was much joy among employees of Forestry and SOVON Bird Research in the Netherlands that this young eagle is in good condition.

Britain: Wildlife experts ringed rare peregrine falcon chicks today amid fears that poor weather and poaching have taken their toll: here.

July 2011: Sixteen white-tailed sea eagle chicks, gifted to Scotland from Norway as part of a major reintroduction project, have been settling into their temporary home at a secret location in Fife, Scotland: here.

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