Poetry festival in Haarlem, the Netherlands

This is a video of Boudewijn de Groot’s opening speech on 2 June, when there was a big poetry festival in Haarlem, the Netherlands. Over 90 poets participated.

Boudewijn de Groot is a folk singer well known since the 1960s, especially in Haarlem.

Then, the presenters from the different places where there would be poetry introduced themselves. Local poetess Sylvia Hubers would guide people on a walking tour in the inner city with poetry along the way. She introduced the tour by playing songs connected to walking on a musical saw: These boots are made for walking, originally by Nancy Sinatra, and a Dutch song on a golden oriole.

I went to the place where well known Dutch romantic poet (and counter-revolutionary monarchist politician) Willem Bilderdijk had died in 1931. There, Ziggy Klases was the presenter.

Some of the poets were homeless or ex-homeless people, and many of their poems were about homelessness and poverty.

Joyce Hes, ex-social democrat local councilor from Leiden, read her love poetry.

My poems there were about Bahraini poetess Ayat al-Ghermezi; the BP oil disaster; a ladybird; winter; and the Dutch royal family.

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