Fukushima disaster whitewash

This video from Japan is called GREENPEACE Measures EXTREME RADIATION 40KM From Fukushima – Why No Evacuation?

On June 1, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) issued a preliminary report on the Fukushima nuclear disaster. The report is a whitewash, exonerating the Tokyo Electrical Power Company (TEPCO) and the Japanese government of blame. Its bland language is an attempt to suppress discussion and protect the nuclear industry from scrutiny: here.

Naturenews: Fukushima deep in hot water: Rising levels of radioactive liquid hamper clean-up effort: here.

Japan Doubles Admission of Radiation, Admits Three Meltdowns: here.

As Japan Nuclear Crisis Worsens Citizen-led Radiation Monitors Pressure Govt to Increase Evacuations: here.

Tom H. Hastings, Truthout: “We have just been told today that the economy is tanking again in part because of Fukushima. A Japanese disaster is an American disaster these days. We have 110 nuclear reactors in the US. How many could suffer massive damage like Fukushima before we wreck our economy for many years to come? ‘Only’ four of these plants are in similar earthquake and tsunami zones? Well, what else might surprise us? What if a nuclear power plant gets hit by a massive tornado? Lucky thing there was no nuclear power plant in Joplin, Missouri. How many 200 mph trucks flying through the air would it take to breach a reactor? What happens when floods overwhelm a nuclear power plant on the Mississippi River? Can’t happen? Right. Neither could Fukushima. I’ve been to the Prairie Island nuclear power plants and on-site storage of massive amounts of high-level nuclear waste. They are smack in the floodplain of the biggest river in North America. The potential exists there to poison that river for generations. All it takes is one bad hand from Mother Nature, one demented terrorist in a small airplane loaded with explosives, one human operator error”: here.

5 thoughts on “Fukushima disaster whitewash

  1. Author : Jorn Rash
    URL : http://www.nuclearpowerdanger.com/

    USA Radiation Plume Maps

    I am working on a new site nuclearpowerdanger.com I have created some radioactive plume maps based solely on wind. Working on more specific map methodology.


    These are existing plumes of radiation caused by \”normal\” releases.

    My methodology is outlined here


    I welcome feedback.


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