Greeks resist EU-IMF cutbacks

This video is called 100,000 fight against harsh cuts in Athens financial crisis protests.

Protesters occupied Greece‘s Finance Ministry in Athens today as ministers announced that negotiations with the EU, European Central Bank and the IMF over austerity measures and public asset sell-offs had been “positive”: here.

Greek workers at state companies facing privatisation under a loan deal between the government, the European Union and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) will walk out today to press the administration to scrap the sell-off: here.

Greek and Spanish solidarity with Dutch striking workers: here.

Scotland: Strathclyde police released two demonstrators today after clashes with an anti-cuts protest in Glasgow ended with a sit-in outside the station where they were held: here.

Johann Hari: Serial rape a shameful tradition for the IMF: here.

Why Are the French So Determined To Run The IMF – And What Will It Cost You? Here.

3 thoughts on “Greeks resist EU-IMF cutbacks

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