Pregnant Indian rhino in Amersfoort zoo

This is a video made in Amersfoort zoo in the Netherlands. It is about weighing the female Indian rhinoceros Saar of this zoo, to find out whether she was pregnant.

Now, the zoo has announced that Saar is indeed pregnant. In mid November this year, a baby Indian rhino is expected to be born.

UPDATE 1 December 2011: Last night, Saar, Indian rhino in Amersfoort zoo, gave birth to a baby.

Indian rhino with baby in Cleveland zoo

BBC Indian rhino info: here.

How do we save the Sumatran rhino? Here.

Female rhino born in Uganda, first in 30 years: here.

Rare Northern White Rhino Dies of Old Age–and Then There Were 7… Here.

A new study shows that zoos aren’t just a fun place for kids to visit; they are also a teaching opportunity. Interviewing more than 3,000 children between 7 and 14, the largest study of its kind found that just over half of the kids (53 percent) showed improvement in at least one of three areas: conservation-related knowledge, concern for endangered species, or desire to participate in conservation efforts: here.

South Africa has lost at least 193 rhinos during the first six months of 2011 with Kruger National Park continuing to be hardest hit. The world famous safari destination has already lost 126 rhinos to poaching this year in addition to 146 killed there in 2010: here.

July 2011. Marnus Steyl, a South African lion breeder and safari operator has emerged as a key supplier of millions of rands worth of rhino horn to a ruthless South-East Asian wildlife trafficking syndicate. Steyl allegedly stood to make at least 16 million rand in just a few weeks by supplying 50 sets of rhino horn to a Laotian company fronting for the syndicate: here.

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