US musician Gil Scott-Heron dies

This video from the USA is called The Revolution Will Not Be TelevisedGil Scott-Heron.

Gil Scott-Heron died Friday afternoon in New York, his book publisher reported. He was 62. The influential poet and musician is often credited with being one of the progenitors of hip-hop, and is best known for the spoken-word piece “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”: here.

Gil Scott Heron, American antiwar singer, passed away (videos) : here.

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5 thoughts on “US musician Gil Scott-Heron dies

  1. I am grateful to the universe to have had the spirit and soul of Gil Scott-Heron for as long as we did. As long as we speak his name he will never be forgotten. Whenever, I hear your voice, your music my heart smiles. I LOVE YOU and welcome your spirit as I meditate and pray. I will see you next lifetime.


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