Egyptian, Spanish pro-democracy movements continue

This is a video of demonstrations against Egyptian dictator Mubarak in January 2011.

By Patrick Martin:

Mass protests demand “second revolution” in Egypt

28 May 2011

Hundreds of thousands of Egyptians turned out for demonstrations in Tahrir Square in Cairo and in cities throughout the country, demanding an end to military rule and the trial and punishment of officials of the dictatorship of former president Hosni Mubarak.

Protest groups, mainly comprised of young people, labeled Friday’s protests the “second day of rage,” the first having taken place on January 27, when demonstrators confronted Mubarak’s thugs in a pitched battle that left them in control of Tahrir Square.

Many demonstrators voiced calls for a “second revolution,” expressing widespread sentiment that the revolution that brought down Mubarak has not resulted in any fundamental improvement in the conditions of life for the masses of working people, small farmers and agricultural laborers.

Tahrir Square was decorated with photographs of many of the 840 people killed during the 17 days of mass struggle that brought down Mubarak, as well as placards demanding punishment of those responsible for the killings, and for the corruption and mismanagement of the 30-year Mubarak regime.

There were banners declaring, “The Egyptian revolution is not over” and demanding “now, not later,” a new constitution and the formation of a civilian presidential council to oversee elections, replacing the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, the military body that has ruled the country since Mubarak’s resignation February 11.

Other banners called for democratic reforms like a free and uncensored press, replacement of corrupt officials, including governors and university heads, and an end to trials of civilians before military tribunals. Economic demands were also raised, including a minimum wage and higher living standards for workers.

By late afternoon, according to reports in the Egyptian media, the crowd in Tahrir Square was well over 100,000, assembled around at least four separate stages where speakers addressed the audience on a variety of political themes.

Spanish police yesterday fired rubber bullets and beat protesters with truncheons in a vicious attempt to clear demonstraters from the Plaza de Cataluna square in Barcelona: here.

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