British 30 June mass strike plans

This video from Scotland says about itself:

Edinburgh demo 23/10/10 against the Tory/Liberal cuts in public services. The Trade Unions are fighting for labour, childcare, pensions, housing, dignity and humanity itself. The Tories and their Liberal Democrat butlers are against these things and seek to destroy Britain for good for private profit and greed. We cannot let them, we owe it to our forefathers who fought and won what we see as a given today, and to the future generations to never have to fight the same battles again.

Joining the Unions in our struggle means you stand for Britain and community values and your fellow man.

From daily News Line in Britain:

Thursday, 26 May 2011


‘The likely date for the first coordinated action is 30th June, when 750,000 members of the PCS, NUT, ATL and UCU unions could all be striking together,’ a PCS civil servants press officer told News Line yesterday.

A TUC delegation was also holding talks in the Cabinet Office with Tory-LibDem Coalition ministers Maude and Alexander yesterday, as 250,000 civil servants started voting on strike action against government attacks on jobs, pay and pensions.

The PCS strike will involve coordinated action with teachers, lecturers and other workers.

The PCS press office told News Line: ‘We’re in talks with the government over its proposals for public sector pensions and today’s is the third or fourth meeting.

‘But we are also planning for coordinated industrial action and that is why we have opened the ballot this week.

‘A series of meetings is planned and the government is due to make its proposals next month.

‘Although the government has made it clear it intends to proceed with these attacks, we’re not just going to abandon negotiations on the assumption that they are not going to get anywhere.

‘As well as the teaching unions that are currently balloting for action over pensions, Unite is also giving its full support.

‘Although it is not balloting at this stage, the Unite leader, Len McCluskey, stated at our conference that Unite would be balloting later in the year and Unison is also on record as stating that they will be balloting for action.’

The prospect of national walkouts by Royal Mail workers came a step closer today when delegates to the CWU conference voted unanimously to give full support to London postal workers fighting compulsory redundancies: here.

Cleaning staff at First Great Western trains and stations have voted unanimously to go on strike in a row over pay, it was announced yesterday: here.

Railway workers put the squeeze on privateer London Midland today, threatening industrial action over plans to cut working hours and close some ticket offices entirely: here.

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