EU Commissioner Kroes, astrology and crime

Neelie Kroes is the European Union European Commissioner for Digital Agenda. She is a prominent politician in the Rightist, economically neo-liberal, VVD party; the biggest party in the present minority government coalition in the Netherlands. She has lots of links to Big Business.

Bram Peper is the ex-husband of Ms Kroes, and ex-mayor of Rotterdam city. Originally a social democrat, he drifted to the political right and got involved in a financial scandal. So, one has to be careful about what Mr Peper says.

Paarlberg and Kroes

Translated from Dutch daily De Volkskrant of today:

Bram Peper: astrologer advised Neelie Kroes

By the editors – 05/25/1911, 7:30

Between 1991 and 2003, Neelie Kroes, both for business and private purposes, had conversations with five astrologers and soothsayers. Her former husband and former minister Bram Peper confirms this in a forthcoming biography of the commissioner, writes the Algemeen Dagblad daily today.

One of these astrologers is 79-year-old Leni Drent from Amsterdam, who for decades gave advice to Jan-Dirk Paarlberg. Today, against this real estate entrepreneur an appeal court case starts. Last year, Paarlberg was sentenced to 4.5 years in prison for extortion money laundering.


For three years, Kroes had her office in Paarlberg’s castle, until his arrest in 2004. Peper was worried about her relationship with the astrologers: “I thought that those contacts made Neelie vulnerable.”

See also here.

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