5 thoughts on “London demonstration against wars, Guantanamo

  1. Dear Friend,

    It’s time to say, “enough is enough.”

    This weekend, many Americans will mark Memorial Day at barbecues or other patriotic events, but thousands of families will spend the day dealing with the heartbreaking absence of a loved one. Others will spend the day like they spent every day for the last decade: hoping there’s not a phone call or a knock at the door to tell them their deployed family member won’t be coming home.

    This should be the last Memorial Day we put military families through this agony for a war that’s not making us safer. Watch our new video and then sign our petition to tell your Member of Congress why the troops should come home from Afghanistan.

    More than 1,500 troops have died in the Afghanistan War so far, and the best way to honor their memory is to get our men and women home. President Obama and Congress will soon decide how many troops to bring home and whether we’ll keep wasting $2 billion a week on a senseless war. It’s critical we let them know we want a swift return of all of our troops from Afghanistan.

    Please watch our new Memorial Day video and sign our petition to end this war.


    Derrick Crowe, Robert Greenwald
and the Brave New Foundation team

  2. Afghanistan woman journalist has notebook and will report

    Posted by Victoria Shute on May 25, 2011

    Summary of story from The LA Times, May 25, 2011

    Mina Habib is one of a small but growing cadre of female reporters in Afghanistan’s Kabul press corps – women who brave death threats and family disapproval to expose corruption and strengthen Afghan democracy.
    She has been waiting half an hour at police headquarters preparing for a showdown with the chief of criminal investigations.
    She sits on a plush sofa while men who don’t pay any attention to her, parade past.

    She has to confront the chief about Massoud Khalil, a 16 year-old who had been detained on burglary charges and died two weeks earlier at Kabul’s juvenile detention center.

    The medical examiner told her that Massoud had been beaten with blunt objects and his head bashed against a wall.

    A guard ushers Ms Habib across the thick rug in the chief’s office.

    The chief arrives, scowling in his rumpled grey suit, and sits across the room from Habib, two gleaming cellphones in hand, one silver, one gold.

    On the glass coffee table in between them, she places her constant companion – a battered Panasonic tape recorder…


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