Saudi woman fighting for rights

This video is called THE REVOLUTION SPREADS in Arab World — Protest in Jeddah Saudi Arabia against government corruption.

From Women’s eNews in the USA:

Female Saudi Doctor Goes to Court for Right to Choose Husband

A female doctor in Saudi Arabia is appealing to the country’s Supreme Court for the right to choose her own husband after her father and brother demanded she marry a cousin and beat her when she refused, reported the Christian Science Monitor May 23. For the past five years Samia has lived in a shelter for battered women and appealed her case twice to court. The law states woman can choose a partner, provided he is morally upright, but must get guardian permission to marry.

Saudi woman driver freed after agreeing to quit campaign: here.

WikiLeaks: Inside the Saudi-fatwa against women drivers: here.

WikiLeaks: Saudi’s warned about US oil speculators: here.

6 thoughts on “Saudi woman fighting for rights

  1. Saudis condemned for driving sexism

    Saudi Arabia: Local and international rights groups cried out on Tuesday at the arrest of Saudi woman Manal al-Sherif for defying the kingdom’s female driving ban, while other Saudi women posted video clips online showing themselves behind the wheel.

    Representatives of the Association of Saudi Women’s Rights have visited Ms Sherif in the detention centre in Dammam where she was ordered to be held for five days and urged the Saudi government to “take a decisive stance and give women the right to drive their cars.”


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