2 thoughts on “Icelandic volcano ash rain

  1. Ash from Iceland volcano incoming

    BELGIUM: Ash from an Icelandic volcano could soon affect British and Irish airspace over Britain and Ireland, the European Union warned today.

    It was not clear whether flights to and from affected areas would be disrupted.

    The EU says the ash could enter British and Irish airspace tomorrow, but spokeswoman Helen Kearns said the different nature and size of the cloud meant that “we are far from where we were a year ago,” when another Icelandic volcano grounded planes in Europe.


  2. Volcanic ash cloud on way to Britain

    TRANSPORT: Airlines and airports were warned today to expect ash from an erupting Icelandic volcano to arrive in British airspace tomorrow with the possibility that it could affect Heathrow by the end of the week.

    Europe’s air traffic control organisation Eurocontrol told airlines and airports that particles from the Grimsvotn volcano could reach Scotland by 1am tomorrow and southern England by Thursday or Friday, depending on wind direction.

    An aviation industry source said that, if the volcano continues to erupt at the same intensity, the ash cloud could reach the west of Britain on Thursday or Friday.


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