London protest against Afghanistan and Libya wars

This video is called Boat With 600 Libyan Refugees Sinks After NATO Ignores SOS Calls.

From the site of the Stop the War Coalition in Britain:

Obama Protest 24 May 2011

Protest when Obama the war president meets the Queen

Troops Out of Afghanistan • Stop the Bombing of Libya • Free Palestine

Barack Obama makes a state visit to Britain next week, as he is waging three wars — in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. Protest at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday 24 May, when Barack Obama will meet the Queen. Called by Stop the War, CND, Palestine Solidarity Campaign and Justice for Bahrain.

Protest when Obama meets the Queen: Tuesday 24 May

5.30pm Buckingham Palace London SW1A 1AA

Afghan war: Obama Troop Surge Decision Ignored Pak-Taliban Ties: here.

Afghanistan: Police collecting opium tax in Uruzgan: here.

The European Union established formal diplomatic contact with the insurgents in Libya today by opening an office in the eastern rebel stronghold of Benghazi: here.

While the protection of civilian lives is the nominal justification for the NATO attack on Libya, the NATO-backed opposition forces are engaged in their own campaign of murder: here.

Bahrain Video: Editor al-Jamri on Suppression of Independent Newspaper & His Trial: here.

Bahrain: After destruction of actual protests site at “the Pearl”, govt shifts to eliminate virtual protests: here.

Yemen: Armed supporters of Ali Abdullah Saleh have surrounded an embassy hosting ambassadors from Gulf and western nations, in protest over the scheduled signing of a deal to force the Yemeni leader out of office: here.

Cameron urged to push for release of British Guantanamo inmate when Obama jets in to Britain this week: here.

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