Icelandic Grimsvötn volcano erupts

In Iceland, Grimsvötn volcano has started erupting. This is a video on it.

Moderate Iceland earthquake starts off the eruption of Grimsvotn volcano; updates here.

The European governments together with the airline industry and scientists have decided earlier this year that the closing of some air traffic space due to volcano eruptions (like the eruption of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano last year), will be treated totally different than in 2010. Closures of traffic space is still possible but it will be much more selective: here.

Why Was the 2004 Sumatra Earthquake So Deadly? Here.

6 thoughts on “Icelandic Grimsvötn volcano erupts

  1. Eruption shuts down air travel

    Iceland: Authorities closed the country’s main international airport and cancelled domestic flights today as a powerful volcanic eruption sent a plume of ash, smoke and steam 12 miles into the air.

    The eruption was far larger than one a year ago that caused international travel chaos – but scientists said it was unlikely to have the same widespread effect.

    University of Iceland geophysicist Magnus Tumi Gudmundsson said the eruption of the Grimsvotn volcano was “much bigger and more intensive than Eyjafjallajokull,” but was not spreading nearly as much.


  2. Iceland has always been geological¬ly active. Climate change has nothing to do with volcanic activity.
    Climate change is documented and a very big problem but it is important that we all have our facts straight so that we do not lose credibilit¬y. The vested interests that want us to disregard climate change will use that against us.


  3. Re #2: which statement are you criticizing? This blog post did not mention climate change.

    “Climate change has nothing to do with volcanic activity.” This may be true in that the present Grimsvötn eruption, and other eruptions, are not caused by climate change. However, the other way round, volcanic eruptions do influence the climate.


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