Corrupt ex-‘Defence’ Secretary Hoon working for war profiteers AgustaWestland

This is a video from Britain on Geoff Hoon and other corrupt ministers of the Tony Blair administration.

War profiteers … not just in Amsterdam

From the Financial Times Westminster blog in Britain:

Geoff Hoon goes to work for defence company AgustaWestland

a subsidiary of Finmecannica, war profiteering Italian cronies of Berlusconi, and, until extremely recently, of Gadaffi

May 16, 2011 10:45 pm by Jim Pickard

While all eyes are on one Huhne, his namesake Geoff – give or take a bit of spelling – is finding new pastures in the corporate world. The former defence secretary, who was ensnared in a Dispatches sting (saying he would use his contacts to find employment in the private sector*) is off to work for AgustaWestland, the helicopter company. Here is the full story on

Hoon was in charge of the MoD in 2005 when it awarded a £1bn contract to Westland to buy “Future Lynx” choppers …..

* To be fair to Hoon his comments were not in the same league as Steve Byers, whose credibility was shredded as he described himself as “like a sort of cab for hire“.

Disgraced Hoon gets top job at defence firm Westland – which landed £1.7bn contract when he was Defence Secretary: here.

13 thoughts on “Corrupt ex-‘Defence’ Secretary Hoon working for war profiteers AgustaWestland

  1. Ex-council leader loses allowance

    EXPENSES: A council has suspended payments to a disgraced Tory peer who was jailed for fiddling his expenses, is was revealed today.

    Former leader of Essex County Council Lord Hanningfield is currently serving a nine-month prison sentence after being convicted of falsely claiming £14,000.
    Despite his conviction in May, he has until now continued claiming his £11,500-a-year council allowance.

    Councillors have voted to change council rules and his allowance has been suspended until the outcome of his appeal, a spokesman said.


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