Arab revolutions, new film

From the Stop the War site in Britain:

From Egypt to Libya: who’s afraid of the Arab revolutions?

Documentary written and produced by Tansy E Hoskins

16 May 2011

The “Arab spring” revolutions of 2011 swept across the Middle East region and North Africa, with the dictators of Egypt and Tunisia overthrown and rebellions of different degrees in Libya, Bahrain, Yemen, Syria, Jordan and elsewhere.

As these momentous events unfold, where will this revolutionary wave end? Who will be the winners? Who will be the losers?

How will the West react, as they see shaken at their roots the dictatorships and authoritorian regimes which they have supported and nurtured for decades, to maintain control of the region and its resources?

What will be the impact on the Palestinian struggle for justice, already showing signs of being inspired to new levels of resistance by the example of the drive for democracy across the Arab world?

These are the questions addressed by the documentary, Who’s afraid of the Arab revolutions?


Noam Chomsky: America will do anything to prevent democracy in the Arab world

Rising Literacy and a Shrinking Birth Rate: A Look at the Root Causes of the Arab Revolution: here.

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