Kosovo organ trade scandal

This video is about The Council of Europe and an explosive report by Swiss rapporteur for human rights Dick Marty about the alleged trafficking of organs in Kosovo.

Serbian Foreign Minister Vuk Jeremic pressed the United Nations on Thursday to lead a probe into claims that Western-backed Kosovar insurgents trafficked in human organs during their 1998-1999 war for secession: here.

Serbian authorities announced today that President Boris Tadic will join leaders from Slovakia and Romania in skipping a regional conference with US President Barack Obama this week because officials from the disputed region of Kosovo have been invited: here.

Berlin has announced plans to bolster its military presence in the disputed region of Kosovo before upcoming elections in Serbia: here.

23 thoughts on “Kosovo organ trade scandal

  1. Two EU mission cars set alight

    SERBIA: Assailants set fire to two cars belonging to the EU expeditionary force in the contested region of Kosovo today.

    No-one was injured.

    Nicholas Hawton, a spokesman for the 3,000-strong EULEX deployment, said the cars were burned today in Pristina outside the home of a member of the mission.

    Suspicion fell on members of Kosovo’s ethnic Albanian community which has attacked the force before, apparently because EULEX does not treat Kosovo as an independent state.

    Five of the EU’s 27 members refuse to recognise Kosovo’s unilateral secession from Serbia in 2008.

    Just 75 out of the 192 United Nations member states have recognised Kosovo’s independence.



  2. Pair wanted for suspected organ trading

    Tuesday 14 June 2011

    by Our Foreign Desk

    A European Union prosecutor in Kosovo has indicted a Turkish and an Israeli national for involvement in an international network that falsely promised poor people money for their kidneys and then transplanted the organs into rich buyers.

    The EU expeditionary force in the disputed region, which is known as EULEX, reported on Monday that Turkish citizen Yusuf Sonmez and Israeli Moshe Harel were charged last week for “trafficking in persons, organised crime and unlawful exercise of medical activity.”

    Both men are considered at large by EU authorities and Interpol has issued a warrant for their arrest.

    The indictments are part of a larger investigation into allegations that an organised criminal group conducted operations in a clinic outside Pristina, where it is believed that the victims’ organs were transplanted into the buyers.

    EU prosecutor Jonathan Ratel – who brought the charges in 2010 – said victims were promised up to $20,000 (€14,000) for their kidneys but were never paid.

    Meanwhile would-be recipients of the organs were required to pay between €80,000 and €100,000 euros ($115,000-$143,000).

    The victims came from Moldova, Kazakhstan, Russia and Turkey, and lived in “extreme poverty or acute financial distress,” EULEX said.

    Kosovo law forbids the removal and transplant of organs.

    The case was brought to the attention of authorities in 2008 .

    At that time Kosovo police acted upon information from a Turkish national who said his kidney had been stolen.

    Since then seven Kosovars, including doctors and a senior official in the Health Ministry, have been charged and are standing trial.



  3. Changing of the guard in Kosovo

    SERBIA: German Major General Erhard Drews took over command of the 5,500-strong Nato force deployed in the contested region of Kosovo today from outgoing commander Major General Erhard Buehler.

    The change of command coincides with renewed tensions between Kosovo and Serbia over the region’s status.

    Politicians there unilaterally declared independence in 2008 but Serbia continues to claim sovereignty.



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