British osprey, peregrine, house martin news

From Wildlife Extra:

First osprey chick of 2011 – Glaslyn

A year of firsts as osprey chick confirmed as earliest ever recorded in Britain, peregrine falcon lays unusually large clutch, and house martins settle on new home

May 2011. The first osprey chick of the year is here, and it’s a particularly special one because it’s the earliest ever osprey chick to hatch on record in Britain. The chick hatched on Monday 9th May at the RSPB‘s Glaslyn osprey Date with Nature site, much to the excitement of RSPB staff and volunteers. …

In other exciting Date with Nature news, a pair of peregrines nesting on top of a police station in Wrexham have stunned RSPB experts by laying five eggs, when the norm for this type of bird is between 2 and 4. …

At another Date with Nature site near Milton Keynes, house martins have nested for the first time following a long trip back from Africa, where they spent the winter.

Osprey update July 2011: here.

Three osprey chicks born in a man-made nest on a Powys nature reserve have been fitted with satellite trackers to follow their flight to Africa: here.

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