Greek workers keep fighting

This video says about itself:

Greek General Strike

Athens, Greece 11.03.10. — Tens of thousands of trade unionists and anti-capitalists demonstrated during a nationwide strike against the cash-strapped government’s austerity measures.

People explain why they have taken to the streets.

Millions of workers took part in a 24-hour general strike against EU and IMF-mandated austerity measures in Greece today, bringing public services to a halt and disrupting transport: here. And here. And here.

Two protesters were seriously injured by police, dozens more injured and over twenty arrested as police moved in violently to quell protests in the Greek capital on Wednesday: here.

Some 10,000 workers, students and youth marched through Athens city centre last Thursday evening against the Greek government’s violence in last Wednesday’s general strike demonstration. Then, the riot police action resulted in over 20 people being hospitalised while two demonstrators are still being treated in intensive care units: here.

USA: The conviction of former hedge fund manager Raj Rajaratnam on insider trading charges does not even touch upon the rampant financial swindling that produced the economic meltdown of 2008: here.

Two surveys released this week show that CEO compensation at major US corporations for 2010 topped the levels reached in 2007, prior to the financial meltdown and global recession: here.

1 thought on “Greek workers keep fighting

  1. KKE praises those striking in Athens

    GREECE: Millions of workers who participated in Wednesday’s general strike “fought a significant battle against the continuous anti-worker assault unleashed by the PASOK government, the European Union, the International Monetary Fund, the European Central Bank, the plutocracy of the country,” the Communist Party (KKE) declared in a statement on Thursday.

    The KKE also denounced “the criminal assault of the police against demonstrators which resulted in the serious injury of a demonstrator.”

    It warned heavy-handed policing “is a part of and a result both of the government’s political line and the bourgeois mechanisms to break the people’s anger and struggle.”


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