14 thoughts on “Desperate UAE worker’s suicide

  1. I think UAE Laws should be more relux for the employers from poor countries who are working in UAE on low salaries. Because i have been there in UAE and found lot of people were not satisfied with the current laws of Labour.


  2. ICTU backs global anti-suicide day

    IRELAND: The Northern Ireland committee of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) has pledged its backing for World Suicide Prevention Day.

    The event, which takes place tomorrow, is an annual opportunity for all sectors of the community to join together in raising awareness of the issue.

    An “Action 4 Change” rally is scheduled to take place outside Belfast City Hall from 12.30-1.30pm.

    Last year saw the highest ever number of suicides in the six counties with over 300 deaths.

    ICTU assistant general secretary Peter Bunting said: “We all want workforces which are happier and healthier, and as a result of both, more productive. In this time of added stress for many families public events such as World Suicide Prevention Day should be welcomed and supported.”



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