Dangerous Japanese nuclear plant shut down

This video is called “WORLD’S MOST DANGEROUS” nuclear power plant is closed in Japan.

The Japanese government has ordered the Chubu Electric Power Co. to close its Hamaoko Nuclear Power Plant, which is located in Shizuoka Prefecture, some 200 kilometres (120 miles) southwest of Tokyo. The plant has been at the centre of long-running protests and safety warnings from experts: here.

The discovery of a faulty water gauge highlights the fact that engineers working to stabilise reactors at the Fukushima plant still do not know the full extent of the damage: here.

Japan nuclear plant hit by more problems: here.

How Twitter helped doctors during Japanese disaster: here.

Fukushima and green energy in China: here.

Britain: The government’s intention to abandon fossil fuels should fool no one, says Alan Simpson. What it’s really about is sneaking nuclear power in through the back door: here.

After Fukushima no one would finance a nuclear plant in a coastal area prone to earthquakes would they? They would: here.

3 thoughts on “Dangerous Japanese nuclear plant shut down

  1. Safety probe for TVA nuclear plant

    UNITED STATES: The country’s nuclear watchdog ordered a probe into a Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) plant in Alabama on Tuesday after finding that an emergency cooling system failure could have been a serious safety problem.

    The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission issued a rare “red” finding against the Browns Ferry nuclear plant near Athens after looking into how a heat removal valve became jammed shut.

    The agency said the TVA, the US’s largest publicly owned power company, must pay for detailed inspections of the plant’s performance, safety culture and organisation.



  2. Officials admit to nuclear plant fire

    SWEDEN: A small fire broke out in Ringhals nuclear power plant earlier this week as workers carried out maintenance on a reactor containment unit, officials admitted on Thursday.

    The unit, which contains one of Ringhals’ four reactors, had been shut down for maintenance since April 2 and all radioactive material had been moved to another building.

    They added that radiation levels within the unit were not heightened by the incident and no one was injured.



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