Racism in French football

This video, about a famous French soccer player of Algerian ancestry says about itself:

Zinedine Zidane Goals … For everybody who wants to know what this song is called.. its called Un Autre Monde by Telephone (French Rock Band).

By Antoine Lerougetel in France:

French Football Federation considers racial quotas

10 May 2011

The publication of discussions inside the leadership of the French Football Federation (FFF) on introducing racial quotas into national football academies has exposed the impact of years of anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant policies on French society.

Sports Minister Chantal Joanno has been obliged to suspend the FFF’s national technical director, Francois Blanquart, a government appointee.

The transcript of a discussion on November 8 last year, involving some 20 FFF officials, reveals the leadership’s desire to limit to 30 percent or less recruitment of boys with foreign parents, specifically from Africa, to the organisation’s training programmes for highly promising youngsters from the age of 12.

See also here.

On August 9, the city of Marseille in southern France announced that it had prepared a municipal order to forcibly evacuate some 100 Roma people: here.

Governments across Europe are whipping up fear over immigration to divert attention from the crisis. Socialist Worker looks at the underlying causes of the EU’s racism: here.

In a move signalling the end of passport-free travel within Europe, Denmark’s government announced on Wednesday that it was unilaterally re-introducing controls at its borders with Sweden and Germany: here.

The Czech government pledged at the weekend to look into allegations that an employment agency rejected a recruit because he is a Roma: here.

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