Portuguese workers’ song at Eurovision song contest

This is the music video of the Portuguese entry into this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

From Socialist Worker weekly in Britain:

Tue 10 May 2011

Eurovision Song Contest

Socialist Worker doesn’t usually recommend you watch this festival of cheesy Europop.

But this year may be one to change a lifetime of viewing habits with Portugal’s entry, “The Struggle is Joy” by Homens da Luta.

The two brothers at the heart of the band are children of the Portuguese revolution of 1974–5, and use its imagery and ideas in their work.

The song has become an anthem for those fighting against the austerity measures being imposed on workers.

Their presence could transform the final on Saturday if they get there—they are in Tuesday’s first semi-final.

Give them your vote to celebrate the resistance to the attacks we face across Europe.

Dutch broadcasting organization VARA in its weekly attacked Homens da Luta and their song.

Somewhat surprising, as the historical origin of the VARA is the (social democratic) labour movement.

Maybe they did not understand the lyrics, which are in Portuguese?

Or, worse, they did, and as the Dutch social democrat party has been in coalitions with Rightist parties so often lately, the VARA has moved to the right.

UPDATE: as Homens da Luta sang, the Dutch TV commentator said that this was the anthem of struggle in Portugal against European Union cutbacks policies; and that many people did like it.

A bit unexpected, as the festival is broadcast by the TROS. This broadcasting organization, contrary to the VARA, has a rather Rightist than Leftist history: it originated from a commercial offshore TV station. Yet, a TROS commentator more positive on the Portuguese song than the VARA weekly …

UPDATE: Portugal won’t be in the festival final.

The ruling elite in Portugal are planning a social counter-revolution following the general election on Sunday June 5: here. And here. And here,

The European Union is currently using Bulgaria, which has the lowest wages in all of Europe, to set standards that could become a model for all of Europe: here.

7 thoughts on “Portuguese workers’ song at Eurovision song contest

  1. Portuguese cabin crew in rolling strike

    Cabin crew employed at the state-owned carrier TAP Air Portugal are to stage 10 days of strikes over the next two months in protest at staff cuts.

    The National Union of Civil Aviation Flight Attendants said June 8 that staff will walk off the job on June 18, 19, 20, 25 and 26, and on July 1, 8, 15, 22 and 29.

    TAP Air Portugal is aiming to save €14 million ($20 million) a year by cutting one attendant per flight, claiming the new staffing level will bring it into line with the international average.

    TAP Air Portugal is slated for privatisation this year, as part of revenue-raising measures attached to a €78 billion national bailout provided by the European Union and the International Monetary Fund.



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