Bahrain dictatorship fires at students

This video says about itself:

A government thug firing live rounds against the students of university of Bahrain.

Bahrain activists to go on trial: Pro-democracy activists are charged with bid to overthrow monarchy: here.

Journalists, too, are victims of Bahrain’s crackdown: here.

Arbitrary dismissal for the staff and students of University of Bahrain: here.

While Bahrain Demolishes Mosques, US Stays Silent. Roy Gutman, McClatchy Newspapers: “In Shiite villages across this island kingdom of 1.2 million, the Sunni Muslim government has bulldozed dozens of mosques as part of a crackdown on Shiite dissidents, an assault on human rights that is breathtaking in its expansiveness. Authorities have held secret trials where protesters have been sentenced to death, arrested prominent mainstream opposition politicians, jailed nurses and doctors who treated injured protesters”: here.

Bahraini citizens living in Britain are set to take their case against the Gulf state’s royal family to court this week: here.

Bahrainis take torture evidence to UN: here.

Bahrain tries 21 activists on trumped-up charges: here.

Simba Russeau, Inter Press Service: “Global spending on arms in 2010 were an estimated 1.6 trillion dollars, with governments in the Middle East dishing out more than 111 billion for weapons – raising questions as to whether Western arms suppliers circumvented international treaties by exporting to repressive regimes. Last year, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain and Egypt accounted for over 75 percent of U.S. arms sales – with Saudi Arabia ordering more than 60 billion dollars in weaponry, making it the leading buyer”: here.

Young Mizrahi Israelis’ Open Letter to Arab Peers. Chana Morgenstern, +972: “We wish to express our identification with and hopes for this stage of generational transition in the history of the Middle East and North Africa, and we hope that it will open the gates to freedom and justice and a fair distribution of the region’s resources. We turn to you, our generational peers in the Arab and Muslim world, striving for an honest dialogue which will include us in the history and culture of the region. We looked enviously at the pictures from Tunisia and from Al-Tahrir square, admiring your ability to bring forth and organize a nonviolent civil resistance”: here.

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