Sandwich terns and nightingale

This is a video of avocets in De Petten nature reserve, Texel.

After yesterday, today the last day on Texel. To nature reserves in the south west of the island.

Just before Oudeschild, a marsh harrier flying.

This is a video about marsh harriers on Texel.

At the Petten reserve, many hundreds of Sandwich tern couples are nesting.

Also black-headed gulls and common terns.

Sandwich tern photos: here.

Avocets. Shelducks. Common gulls.

Redshanks. A spoonbill cleanses its feathers.

Then, to De Geul reserve.

A male shoveler. Grey lag geese with goslings. Egyptian geese.

Spoonbills. Great cormorants.

Willow warbler and sedge warbler singing. A blackbird as well.

Great crested grebe. Tufted duck.

A whitethroat singing while flying.

In the Mokbaai: brent geese, bar-tailed godwits, curlew and redshank.

On the dune above the Horsmeertjes lakes, a male pheasant. A grasshopper warbler sings.

A reed warbler singing near a lake bank.

In the dunes near the Horsmeertjes, a dunnock.

Also, a nightingale singing.

This is a video of a singing nightingale.

Finally, back to the Petten. A male Sandwich tern with a fish in its bill circles for minutes above the breeding colony. Finally, it lands and gives the fish to its female. Then, they mate.

June 2011. As the bird breeding season comes to a close, Northumberland Wildlife Trust is delighted that a total of 8 rare adult avocet birds settled at Cresswell Pond Nature Reserve (behind Druridge Bay) in Northumberland and attempted to breed: here.

Earlier this year, Natural England notified Lodge Hill – a former military training school in North Kent – as a Site of Special Scientific Interest because of its importance for nightingales and rare plants. The site has been identified as one of the most important in the country for nightingale: here.

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