Grey seal and Sandwich terns

This video is about Texel island birds.

Yesterday, 1 May, after the Wagejot to the north of Texel.

South of De Cocksdorp village a male shoveler in a canal.

Near the Robbenjager reserve, a whitethroat sings from the top of a bush.

In the lake: shelduck, tufted duck, male common pochard. Teal. Male and female gadwall.

A common sandpiper on the shore. A kestrel flying.

Songs of willow warbler, reed bunting, and sedge warbler.

On a dandelion flower, a small copper butterfly.

A merlin flies overhead.

This video from England is called A female Merlin seen on the Cumbrian Coast.

We arrive on the northern beach of Texel.

A great cormorant on a sandbank tries to eat a big flatfish, but the fish is too big to swallow quickly. Then, a grey seal arrives, takes the fish from the cormorant, and eats it.

On the same sandbank as the grey seal, ten Sandwich terns resting.

Near a jetty, eider ducks and teal swimming.

Dunlin flying to the north.

Bar-tailed godwits flying.

To the north of the lighthouse, a wheatear sitting on a branch on a sand dune.

On our way back, a yellow wagtail in Eierland polder.

Utopia is a new nature reserve, officially not open yet. It already attracts brent geese, common sandpipers, and shelducks.

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