US General Petraeus new CIA boss

This video says about itself:

Top secret documents released by President Obama show how the CIA under George Bush was given the legal right to interrogate terror suspects using techniques decried by human rights groups as torture. Sky’s US correspondent Robert Nisbet reports.

By Bill Van Auken in the USA:

General Petraeus and the CIA

28 April 2011

A senior official in the Obama administration confirmed Wednesday afternoon media reports of a major reshuffling of top positions in the US military-intelligence apparatus. Gen. David Petraeus, the senior commander of US occupation troops in Afghanistan, will assume the position of director of the Central Intelligence Agency, while the current CIA director, Leon Panetta, will take over the position of defense secretary from Robert Gates, who is quitting the Pentagon at the end of June.

It has been reported that the 58-year-old four-star general, Petraeus, will retire from the US Army before assuming the post as head of the top US intelligence agency. Nonetheless, the appointment reflects the unrelenting growth of the integration and power of the military-intelligence complex—a state within the state—that increasingly dominates the affairs of the American government.

The news that President Barack Obama has picked Gen. David Petraeus to be CIA director raises troubling questions, including whether the commander most associated with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan will tolerate objective analysis of those two conflicts: here.

What do Obama‘s Pentagon & CIA moves mean for drone strikes in Pakistan? A case of out of the frying Pan(etta)…? Here.

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