Philippine Biodiversity Expedition

This video is called Philippine Wildlife Conservation Campaign.

From the California Academy of Sciences in the USA:

The 2011 Philippine Biodiversity Expedition

The 2011 Philippine Biodiversity Expedition is the largest expedition undertaken by the Academy. It will be the first expedition to make a comprehensive survey of both terrestrial and marine diversity. Between April 26 and June 10, 2011, Academy botanists, entomologists and marine biologists, will explore shallow-water reefs, the deep sea, and terrestrial and freshwater areas for new life and document the biodiversity of this island nation. Educational outreach will be conducted on location and back at the Academy.

Document Biodiversity

In order to protect, we need to understand what exists. Scientists will document species diversity (how many species exist), ecosystem diversity (number, type and structure of species in a particular area) and genetic diversity (total gene characteristics). It’s critical to get these data as a baseline for future needs.

Discover New Taxa

Scientists estimate that more than 70% of the species on this planet have yet to be discovered. In fact, our scientists have been diving in the Philippines since 1992 and continue to discover new species on every trip.

Inform Conservation Priorities

Our research can assist in helping the Philippine government and private/public entities make sustainable development and conservation-related decisions. For example, our data can be used to define the impact of allowing agriculture in natural areas (species replacement, water needs, and more).

Develop New Plant & Animal Husbandry

A Steinhart Aquarium team will join the scientists in the field. Our biologists have permits to collect live species for our Philippine Coral Reef. These unique species will be on display for visitors and some may be used for captive breeding research. Our live corals started as fragments (or clippings) of live coral, less than 10 cm long. We grew them behind the scenes and added them to our exhibit. We and our Filipino colleagues are able to support aquarium trade needs with minimal impact. Look for new additions to the Coral Reef and Rainforest exhibits.

Disseminate Results

This expedition will include an enormous level of education and outreach. While in the Philippines, we will hold local community education forums, teacher professional development workshops and have a capstone symposium for the entire expedition. At the Academy we will have: a live webcast from the field (at NightLife on May 19); special activities at the Science in Action exhibit, in the Project Lab and at the Naturalist Center; in addition to all of our educational elements (lesson plans, classroom kits, and trainings). Education materials will be shared with Filipino colleagues.

New technology enables scientists to map individual tree species across large rainforest areas by airplane: here.

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