German racist Sarrazin not expelled from social democrats

This video is called News Update: Bundesbank‘s Board Asked President To Dismiss Sarrazin Following Racist Comments.

Racism and eugenics are compatible with the basic values of the German Social Democratic Party. This is the conclusion to be drawn from the decision made by the SPD last Thursday to drop proceedings to expel Thilo Sarrazin from its ranks: here.

With its decision to halt the expulsion procedures against Thilo Sarrazin and to keep this blatant racist in the ranks of the Social Democratic Party (SPD), German social democracy has moved sharply to the right: here.

“Get lost!” and “Nazis out!” were among the epithets lobbed at controversial author Thilo Sarrazin during a recent trip to Berlin’s Kreuzberg district, according to newspaper reports on Monday: here.

The regular column Jacob Augstein publishes for Germany’s leading news weekly Spiegel Online is called, “When in doubt, left.” It is, ironically, an appropriate title. It allows the multi-millionaire Spiegel heir to portray himself as a left-liberal, so long as he has doubts about the direction in which official politics is heading. But now the time of doubt is over. In the face of the growth of militarism, the strengthening of the state apparatus and anti-refugee agitation, Augstein has openly declared he is a right-winger. In his latest column, he rails against dual citizenship for Germans of Turkish origin, belatedly accepting that Christian Democratic Union (CDU) politician Roland Koch, who stirred up xenophobic sentiments with a petition campaign against dual citizenship in 1998 to win the Hesse state election, was correct: here.

14 thoughts on “German racist Sarrazin not expelled from social democrats

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