Anti-democratic new constitution in Hungary

This video is called Music against racism – Zene a rasszimus ellen – R&R Summer Camp Hungary 2010.

Hungary’s right-wing government led by Viktor Orban has used its two-thirds majority to adopt a new constitution that will abandon democratic principles and establish the basis for authoritarian rule: here.

Right-Wing Militants on Patrol: A New Wave of Anti-Roma Violence in Hungary: here.

10 thoughts on “Anti-democratic new constitution in Hungary

  1. Amnesty call to stop racist violence

    Hungary: Amnesty called on the government on Wednesday to crack down on racially motivated violence and intimidation, a day after four people were injured in clashes between neonazis and Roma people in Gyongyospata.

    The town was the site of a fascist paramilitary training camp organised near the Roma neighbourhood over the Easter holidays and the Red Cross evacuated nearly 300 Roma women and children for the duration.

    Amnesty has submitted a report on the rising far-right violence to the UN Human Rights Council, which will assess the human rights situation in Hungary under a regular four-year screening process between May 11-13.


  2. Amnesty calls for housing rights

    ROMANIA: The country’s poorest and most disadvantaged citizens cannot access adequate housing because of flaws in the country’s legal system, Amnesty charged in a report published today.

    Mind the Legal Gap: Roma and the Right to Housing in Romania documents the stories of Roma people and communities across the country and highlights the need for human rights reforms to laws governing housing.

    Researcher Barbora Cernusakova said: “The human right to adequate housing is not recognised in Romanian law.”


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