Eared grebe and flamingos

After the Nieuwkoopse plassen yesterday, on to another nature reserve, not far away: the Groene Jonker.

This is a Dutch video about the Groene Jonker.

The Groene Jonker is a new nature reserve. However, it is already attracting many birds and other wildlife.

Near the entrance yesterday, black-tailed godwit and little grebe sound.

Gadwall ducks.

Many sedge warblers singing.

Also, the much rarer Savi’s warbler. Close to it sings a bluethroat.

A cuckoo calls.

To the left of a few gray lag geese, a black-necked grebe (or eared grebe; see also here) swims.

Shelducks. A black swan.

Two Chilean flamingos. Escapee individuals of this species, near threatened in their native South america, have a breeding colony in Germany, just east of the Dutch border.

One spoonbill, looking for food in the water, Later, three spoonbills flying.

Behind a male shoveler duck swim four black-necked grebes.

An oystercatcher flies just above the water.

A pied wagtail on the bank.

Flowers of ground-ivy, and purple deadnettle.

On the other shore, ducks resting on the bank. Including shoveler, and a male garganey next to a teal.

3 thoughts on “Eared grebe and flamingos

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