Purple heron and Savi’s warbler

Today, to Nieuwkoopse Plassen nature reserve.

Our boat to the reserve started in Noorden village. Soon after the start, garden warbler singing.

This video is called A Garden Warbler sings from a tree in West Yorkshire.

Curlews fly past and land in the meadows.

One of many sedge warblers of today, often in song flight.

Egyptian geese swimming, flying and calling.

A curlew tries to drive away a female marsh harrier.

Marsh marigold flowers on the bank. And ragged robin.

A great crested grebe. Two male and two female tufted ducks.

Then, a purple heron flying. Probably, it came back from Africa very recently.

Willow warbler, chiffchaff singing.

Then, the sound of a rarer bird species: Savi’s warbler.

Great cormorants.

Another purple heron, standing on grassland.

Blackcap and cuckoo sound.

Two shelducks.

A male reed bunting.

A common tern on a pole, cleaning its feathers.

Three gadwall ducks flying.

A common sandpiper on a small island cleans its feathers.

Edible frog sound.

A meadow pipit in a treetop.

A goshawk flying; see also here, and here.

A buzzard.

Long-tailed tits in a tree.

On a fence, a male reed bunting and male and female bluethroats.

On a buoy, a lesser black-backed gull.

A common tern flies, managing to hold a fish in its bill and to call simultaneously.

A sparrowhawk; see also here.

Finally, male and female marsh harrier.

6 thoughts on “Purple heron and Savi’s warbler

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