Hungarian Roma flee from neo-nazi thugs

This video about Hungarian neo-nazi Jobbik party is called The NAZI Jobbik – LET’S STOP THEM TOGETHER!

The Hungarian Red Cross evacuated hundreds of Roma women and children from their homes today because they were frightened of a far-right vigilante group which was setting up a training camp near their village: here.

British mass eviction of Roma and travelers: here.

A German court convicted Ukrainian national John Demjanjuk today of thousands of counts of acting as an accessory to murder at a nazi death camp and jailed him for five years – closing one chapter in a decades-long legal battle: here.

Last week, a court in Munich handed down a relatively mild sentence to Ukrainian-born John Demjanjuk on charges of accessory to murder involving 28,000 Jews at the Sobibor concentration camp in occupied Poland: here.

25 thoughts on “Hungarian Roma flee from neo-nazi thugs

  1. Neofascist gangs clash with police

    GREECE: Gangs of neofascist youth attacked immigrants in central Athens and clashed with riot police on Thursday, leaving at least 25 people injured.

    Several hundred youths, dressed in black and some wielding bats, were involved in the daytime attacks in Kato Patissia neighbourhood where thousands of Asian and African immigrants live.

    Officials from a state-run Polykliniki and Athens General hospitals reported that 25 people were treated for injuries following the clashes — 19 immigrants and six Greek citizens — with one man remaining overnight for observation.


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