British ‘military advisers’ to Libya

This video from England says about itself:

26 Feb 2011

Speakers at the Stop The War march, ended in Downing Street, marched from Bahraini to Libyan embassy then together to Downing Street.

Amazing march, united and through central London chanting Free Libya Free Algeria Free Bahrain Free Algeria Free Yemen Free Palestine Free Afghanistan Free Iraq …

To a Free Middle East and Africa.

Libya: ‘mission creep’ claims as UK sends in military advisers: here. See also here. And here.

British military commander sent to Libya to organize troops. Mission creep, anyone? Here.

Hey, that reminds me of something.

The Vietnam war started for the USA with ‘military advisers’ as well. It continued with decades of war, over half a million United States ground troops, and fifty thousand US soldiers and three million Vietnamese dead.

France and Italy joined Britain’s increased interference in Libya’s civil war today by announcing that they would also send military advisers to aid the rebels: here.

As the bombing of Libya enters its fourth week, Italy is looking for ways to participate more actively in the war. As the former colonial power in Libya, Italy has substantial oil and gas interests that it seeks to defend against the predatory actions of rival powers: here.

Britain: It could be the onset of Easter, the good weather or just self-denial that prevents Parliament from being recalled to discuss Libya and the British role in yet another “Nato-led mission”: here.

This video from Ireland is called Clare Daly TD opposes imperialist intervention in Libya (24-03-11).

Cary Fraser, Truthout: “The recent decision by the Obama administration to spearhead the NATO effort to oust Muammar Qaddafi from power in Libya reflects the oft-evident American penchant for war as a substitute for intelligent diplomacy. It was this mindset during the George W. Bush administration which led the US into pursuing two expensive and indecisive wars in Afghanistan and Iraq”: here.

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