Killer whales in the North Sea

This is a killer whale video from Canada.

Translated from Dutch news agency ANP:

Killer whales seen in the North Sea

Last updated: April 18, 2011 12:47

HOOK OF HOLLAND – In the North Sea, on the border between Dutch and English waters, this Saturday four killer whales swam.

Observers from the Rugvin Foundation this weekend on a ferry from Hoek van Holland to Harwich (England) saw the animals. A spokesperson of the organization doing research on cetaceans in the North Sea said this on Monday.

Last week, French researchers probably saw these four killer whales in the British and French waters near Calais, said the spokesperson.

”We are not sure whether these were the same animals, but they did swim to the north.”


The killer whales, according to the spokesperson, looked healthy from a distance. It is ”very occasionally” that orcas near the Netherlands in the North Sea are reported. Last year in June, the young female orca Morgan was found in the Wadden Sea.

She was severely weakened and is now residing in the Dolphinarium in Harderwijk.

According to the Rugvin Foundation, it is unclear whether the observations of killer whales in the Dutch North Sea are more than just an incident. ”The cetacean population in general has changed. In the Dutch North Sea, porpoises are increasingly visible. On the other hand, we hardly see any white-beaked dolphins anymore.”

Every month, the Rugvin Foundation looks at cetacean populations in the North Sea between the Netherlands and England.

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6 thoughts on “Killer whales in the North Sea

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  2. Morgan the orca ‘attacked’ in Tenerife amusement park

    Friday 23 March 2012

    The orca rescued in the Wadden Sea in 2010 and sent to an amusement park in Spain at the end of last year, has deep wounds from being attacked by other orcas, according to bloggers on the whale and dolphin conservation society website.

    WDCS activists says the orca, known as Morgan, spends a lot of her time in a shallow side pool at the park on the holiday island of Tenerife – a sign that she has not been accepted by the other orcas.

    The WDCS also claims Morgan debuted in her first circus-style show performing tricks for the paying public in February.

    Morgan’s move to the Loro Parque had been opposed by activitists who said she should be released back into the wild. But junior environment minister Henk Bleker granted an export licence, saying it was too risky to set the orca free.



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