Rare giant goby in Cornwall

Giant goby

From Wildlife Extra:

Giant surprise for rockpoolers in Cornwall

14/04/2011 19:30:37

Fish is rarely found in UK

April 2011: Cornwall Wildlife Trust volunteers discovered a rare fish recently whilst rockpooling on the Helford River with fish expert Doug Herdson. The event was part of a training programme put together for local enthusiasts through the trust’s Your Shore project.

Just as the day was coming to an end, an unexpected and rare fish was discovered within the shallow pools of the rocky shore known as a ‘giant goby‘.

The giant goby is a southern European fish and not usually found in colder northern waters, so it is a rare find in the UK. Related to the common rock gobies often found by rockpoolers in Cornwall, this particular species can grow to lengths of up to 27cm. Although a marine creature, giant gobies do like high rockpools with a freshwater input, and they feed on worms, small fish and insects that land in the pool. The fish can also withstand the high temperatures that upper rockpools can often experience, due to being exposed to the sun for long periods of time.

Abby Crosby, marine conservation officer for Cornwall Wildlife Trust, says: ‘Giant gobies are protected under Schedule 5 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 so, after the group had confirmed its identification, the leader Doug Herdson was quick to ensure that the fish was returned immediately to the rockpool that it was found in. It was a fantastic end to an inspiring and exciting day out on the shore.’

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