7 thoughts on “Bank fraud and economic crisis

  1. Greek journalists in four-day strike

    Greek journalists called a four-day strike April 7 in protest at the government’s austerity measures, leading to a nationwide news blackout.

    While television channels aired pre-recorded material and radio stations played back-to-back music, newspapers ceased publication for several days. News web sites also shut down for the duration of the action.

    Athens journalists are demanding the rehiring of colleagues recently laid off at several newspapers and TV stations and the cancellation of individual employee agreements that replace previous collective agreements, resulting in large pay cuts.

    Journalists marched to the National Parliament in Athens April 8 to demand a halt to layoffs and reductions in wages.

    Greek workers have held several general strikes and demonstrations since the government unveiled austerity measures, including a cut to pensions and wages, increasing of taxes and raising of retirement age, inspired by the European Union and the International Monetary Fund €110 billion ($140 billion) bailout package.



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