Yemeni, Egyptian revolutions continue

This video says about itself:

Taiz, Yemen 29 may 2012

Thousands of people are beginning to gather in the southern Yemeni city of Taiz to mark the first anniversary of a day they call “The Holocaust”. A year ago the security forces under the command of former head of the city’s security Abdallah Kairan, close ally and relative to former dictator Ali Abdullah Saleh, stormed freedom square and brutally killed more than 10 peaceful protestors. The sit in was attacked for over 12 hours, tents were burned, the entrances to the camp were closed, injured and medical personnel were taken hostage in the field hospital and still until today nobody has been brought to justice. The people of Taiz say they will never forget and will never stop seeking justice for the victims and their families.

This video is called Now in Freedom Square, Taiz, Yemen.

From daily News Line in Britain:

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Yemen Tanks shell protesters

Yemeni protesters kept up the heat on President Ali Abdullah Saleh on Saturday as fresh clashes raged in the flashpoint city of Taiz, and as a dissident general denied aiming to replace the Yemeni leader.

Yemen recalled its ambassador to Qatar, state news agency Saba announced, after a call from the Gulf state for Saleh to step down stirred anger in his regime.

From the World Socialist Web Site:

Egyptian military storm peaceful protest in Tahrir Square

By our correspondent

12 April 2011

The mood in Tahrir Square has never been so hostile towards the military. “Mubarak was overthrown almost two months ago, but he’s still free”, said Ahmed, a student at Helwan University during the mass protests in Cairo last Friday.

The sentencing of blogger Maikel Nabil to 3 years in prison by a military tribunal in closed session for criticizing the army has Egyptian netizens in an uproar, exercising their newfound free speech rights while seeing them being threatened: here.

A Fresh Democratic Wind Blows from Women in Tahrir Square: here.

5 thoughts on “Yemeni, Egyptian revolutions continue


    A statement from the Revolutionary Socialists of Egypt on the state attacks on protesters in Tahrir Square issued on 9 April 2011.
    The Military Council is the guardian of dictatorship and corruption

    “We must continue our revolution until the country has been cleansed and Mubarak’s Military Council has been removed from power.”

    The attacks by the armed forces on unarmed demonstrators at dawn Saturday using live bullets and tear gas, and their attempt to terrify protesters with armored cars, puts the Military Council clearly in the camp of counter-revolution.

    The attempts to break up the protest camp can have no other meaning except that the Military Council is defending the interests of the corrupt thieves who stole from the Egyptian people for the past thirty years. The generals who sit at the top of the pyramid in the Army are part of Mubarak’s corrupt gang, and it is they who have the task of protecting the system of thieving and corruption after his fall. Now is the time to get rid of them, just as the revolutionaries finished off Mubarak.

    After today nobody will be fooled by the slogan ‘the army and the people are one hand’.

    For the past two months that the Military Council has held power, it has crushed protests and tortured demonstrators and dragged them before the military courts.

    This time however, the Army did not act alone in its attempts to break up the sit-in, but worked hand-in-glove with the police.

    This means that the army and the police are ‘one hand’ against the people, and that their hands are stained with the blood of the revolutionaries.

    It therefore falls to the people to get rid of them both, and to create a popular civilian authority which reflects the demands of the revolutionaries and realizes the aspirations of the Egyptian people to live in freedom and dignity.

    This will mean bringing Mubarak and his henchmen to trial for the crimes they committed against the people, and the confiscation of all their assets.

    Mubarak and his cronies will never be brought to trial while Tantawi and ‘Annan and the other generals on the Military Council remain in power in Egypt, as they are part of his regime, and embroiled in the corruption which swamped the country during his dictatorship.

    We must continue our revolution until the country has been cleansed and Mubarak’s Military Council has been removed from power.

    Victory to the Revolution
    Glory to the Martyrs


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