USA bans Celtic music in Cuba

British daily The Guardian wrote on the songs in this music video:

Streets of Sorrow/Birmingham Six The Pogues 1988.

Released while the Birmingham Six and the Guildford Four were still in jail, this was to the Troubles as Free Nelson Mandela was to South Africa. But where the Special AKA were persuasive, the Pogues were simply furious. Segueing from the folky Streets of Sorrow, bemoaning Northern Ireland’s tragedy, it slams into McGowan’s punk-driven denunciation of British justice. Fearful of Thatcher’s “oxygen of publicity” laws, gutless broadcasters banned it and a live performance on Friday Night Live was abruptly interrupted by adverts.


From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Celtic musicians barred from Cuban festival

Tuesday 12 April 2011

A group of US musicians of Irish descent have been barred from travelling to Cuba to participate in a festival of traditional Celtic music, Cuban state media reported on Monday.

The musicians had been invited to perform in the 2nd Annual Celtic Cultural Festival organised by Irishman Kilian Kennedy.

But the US Treasury Department‘s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) denied them the permits needed to travel legally to Cuba.

John McAuliff, former president of Philadelphia’s Ceili Group, said: “Although President Obama in principle opened the door to ‘purposeful travel’ on January 14, three months later OFAC has still not issued guidelines to implement them or issued any new licences.”

Mr Kennedy launched the event last year after he discovered Cuba’s vibrant Celtic folk scene while on holiday.

It is kept alive by Cuban descendants of immigrants from northern Spain’s Gaelic provinces.

Inside Cuba’s LGBT revolution: How the island’s attitudes to sexuality and gender were transformed. In the last 10 years, Cuba has reinvented itself as a progressive nation when it comes to LGBT rights: here.

5 thoughts on “USA bans Celtic music in Cuba

  1. Doctors wrap up rehab conference

    Cuba: Over 250 doctors and medical professionals from 10 countries wrapped up a meeting in Cienfuegos today that reviewed technical advances made by the blockaded country’s world-class medical technology sector.

    The sixth International Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation of the Cuban Society Congress this year focused on the rehabilitation of spinal and cerebral lesions and children with cerebral paralysis.

    The state-owned Cuban medical service enables citizens to access the whole range of rehabilitation services.


  2. US musicians play Havana recital

    Cuba: Wind music by Gershwin and other famous composers filled a historic former church in Old Havana on Friday as a quintet of musicians from Florida performed in the latest of a string of US-Cuban cultural exchanges.

    The five members of the Tampa-based Florida Orchestra played an evening recital at the San Felipe Neri Oratory.

    Washington’s nearly 50-year-old economic blockade bans most US citizens from travelling to Cuba but such cultural exchanges have increased under US President Barack Obama.


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