United Arab Emirates dictatorship arrests democrats

United Arab Emirates map

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Pro-democracy activist arrested

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES: Pro-democracy advocate Fahad Salem al-Shehhy was detained on Saturday, two days after authorities in the UAE took a leading blogger into custody.

Mr Shehhy participated in an online forum calling for democratic reforms in the UAE, an alliance of seven sheikdoms where political activity is severely restricted.

The forum had been run by Ahmed Mansour, who was arrested on Friday after saying that he received death threats for signing a petition in favour of an elected parliament.

CNN arrests expose crackdown in Bahrain [Text + Video]: here.

A political activist died in custody. Bahrain governement says it was due to disease. Decide for yourself: here.

On Yemen: Laura Kasinof, The New York Times News Service: “Clashes broke out late Saturday evening between security forces and demonstrators here, killing one protester and wounding 15, doctors said at a field hospital at the site. Security forces opened fire, said witnesses, in the first direct assault on protesters in the capital since snipers killed 52 protesters more than three weeks ago. The shooting follows a week of violence in a central city, Taiz, where security forces and men in plain clothes have fatally shot about 20 protesters”: here.

Migrant Workers Caught in Whirlwind of “Arab Spring”. Simba Russeau, Inter Press Service: “Migrant workers caught in the crossfire of the ongoing upheavals in Bahrain and Libya highlight the need to develop international migration policies based on migrants’ rights rather than the economic interest of labour sending and receiving countries, knowledgeable sources say… But migrant workers being left stranded by their employers or their governments are not a new phenomenon in the Arab world. During the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq and the 2006 summer war in Lebanon thousands of migrant workers were left to fend for themselves”: here.

2 thoughts on “United Arab Emirates dictatorship arrests democrats

  1. Journos quizzed over protest news

    BAHRAIN: Prosecutors began questioning three journalists today who were sacked from the Gulf kingdom’s only opposition newspaper over accusations of making up news about the Khalifa regime’s bloody crackdown on civil-rights protesters.

    Bahrain has seen some of the worst unrest in its history since people, inspired by uprisings that toppled Western-backed leaders in Egypt and Tunisia, took to the streets in February to demand reforms to rein in the power of the royal family.

    The government invited in Saudi troops, imposed martial law and launched a crackdown on protesters on March 16 in which more than 300 people have been detained and dozens reported missing.

    At least 13 protesters and four police officers have been killed.



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