Libyan war escalating?

This video is called Americans Rally to Stop War on Libya & Iraq & Afghanistan.

General Carter Ham told the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations that US troops may have to be sent to Libya: here.

Having endorsed the Obama administration’s war in Libya on the pretext of “protecting civilians,” the editors of the New York Times are now demanding a sharp escalation in the killing through the reintroduction of the US military’s flying gunships: here.

2 thoughts on “Libyan war escalating?

  1. ‘No need for Opec to act’ on oil prices

    VENEZUELA: Oil Minister Rafael Ramirez said on Saturday that there was no need for oil cartel Opec to hold a special meeting to try to bring soaring prices under control.

    He said that “what should cease is the violence” in Libya and the deployment of US and European forces.

    “The international market can’t ask for stability” when foreign powers are contributing to the region’s destabilisation, Mr Ramirez observed tartly.


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