More war in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan

This video from the USA says about itself:

St. Paul, MN, March 19, 2011. As the US launches another military attack in Libya, America is getting war weary. The war in Afghanistan is now grinding into its 10th year and Iraq casualties continue even as the US draws down.

Disapproval polls keep creeping up and the Washington Post poll reported on March 16, 2011 that 64% of the public feel the Afghanistan war is, “Not worth it.”

It’s no wonder then, that anti-war marches such as the one that happened this Saturday in St. Paul are attracting more and more people. About a thousand peace activists marched two miles down University Avenue to the State Capitol, making it the largest such gathering for several years. Several dozen peace, anti-war and other civic groups participated. The crowd was exuberant and noisy, but very well behaved.

Organizers of the march invited marchers to bring old kitchen pots or pans, and spoons. They shouted about money going for war but not for health care or education. This protest was one of many held across the nation as part of a national day of protest against war. Coincidentally the protest happened the same day the US started launching missiles into Libya.

US President Barack Obama’s rejection of Muammar Gaddafi’s plea for a ceasefire again underscores that NATO’s intervention into Libya’s civil war has nothing to do with protecting civilians: here.

UN investigators said today that they will launch a probe next week into alleged human rights violations committed by government forces and Western-backed rebels in Libya: here.

Felicity Arbuthnot on how the [British] government had no qualms about selling arms to Gadaffi: here.

In a visit to Iraq Thursday, US Defense Secretary Robert Gates indicated that combat soldiers would stay in the country past 2011: here.

By Naomi Spencer in the USA:

US Army clears “kill team” brigade commander of responsibility

8 April 2011

An Army investigation into officers in charge of the brigade involved in murdering Afghan civilians for sport last year concluded that its commander had no responsibility for the atrocities.

Colonel Harry D. Tunnell IV was found to have pursued an aggressive “strike and destroy” strategy, but the Army determined it bore no “causal relation” to the rampant criminal activities of soldiers in the 5th Stryker Combat Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division while they were stationed in Kandahar province.

Afghanistan Secret Prisons Confirmed By U.S.: here. And here.

USA: Military pay freeze could be boon to predatory lenders: here.

3 thoughts on “More war in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan

  1. The International Action Center, part of the UNAC coalition, urges all peace and justice activists to participate in the Antiwar Marches and Rallies on April 9th in New York City or April 10th in San Francisco.


    The response has been overwhelming. This will be the largest Rally against endless wars and cutbacks in NYC in years.

    It is coming on the day of a threatened Federal Government SHUT DOWN!

    We are told that there is NO Money for peoples needs. There are billions of dollars in cuts of life sustaining programs planned. Will it be $40 Billion or $33 billion? But as we have seen just this month, while all of these cuts were being sliced and diced, there is always money for another war. This time without even a Congressional debate or vote, a new war in Libya!

    Join us this Saturday to say: NO to war, racism, attacks on Muslims, immigrants and unions. We need money for jobs, education, healthcare, NOT War. Shut Down the War, Not our cities!

    Here is the Logistical Information for the mass rally of many thousands of people that is starting at Union Square at 14th St & Broadway at NOON.

    There will be 2 Rallies, at Union Square and at Foley Square, each with a stage, speakers and music. There will be media check-in and packets for all media. We encourage all alternative media and video activists to be especially active in posting immediate coverage.

    See for more information and to sign up to volunteer and to donate.

    The UNAC Volunteer Table will be at Union Square South, 100 feet in from 14th St, in front of the George Washington on horseback statue. We NEED Volunteers starting at 9:00 am for bus greeting, literature distribution, guides, unloading, set-up and take-down crews, and clean-up crews after both rallies. Everything about this march has been based totally on our volunteer labor.


    We are hearing from so many people coming into Union Square on Saturday, April 9 that we are behind on posting some of this information. Here is what we have heard about where contingents plan on gathering in the area around Union Square.

    Brooklyn for Peace Contingent is gathering on Broadway between 13th & 14 St

    A Woman’s Contingent is gathering in front of CitiBank on the SE corner of 14th & Broadway

    A Student Contingent is gathering at Washington Square Park and marching up University to Union Square.

    A Palestine Contingent is gathering on North side of 14th St between Broadway & 4thAve at the Triangle.

    A Greens Contingent is gathering in front of Babies R Us on Park Ave between 15th & 16th St.

    A No Nukes Contingent is gathering at Union Square East on the Park side between 14th & 15th St

    An Asian Contingent is gathering at Union Square on the South East corner of the Park by the stairs.

    A Workers World Contingent is gathering by the subway kiosk on West side of Union Square Plaza at 14th St.

    DRUM- Desis Rising Up & Moving, Veterans for Peace, and Latin America activists are gathering near the Ghandi Statue at Union Square West at 15th St

    A Stop FBI/Grand Jury Repression Contingent is gathering in front of Staples on Union Square West between 14th & 15th St.

    An ANSWER Contingent is gathering on Union Square West at 16th St.

    An International Socialist Organization Contingent is gathering on SE corner of Union Square East & 14th St by the subway escalator.

    An Educators Against War Contingent is gathering in front of Washington Irving High School at 15th & Irving.

    An Irish Contingent is gathering at 18th St & Broadway

    A Staten Island Contingent is gathering in front of Whole Foods on South side of 14thSt between University & Broadway after coming in a group on a Peace Ferry from Staten Island.

    A May 1st Union Square Contingent is gathering at 8th St & Broadway at 2pm and leafleting during the march.

    Many groups are planning to meet up earlier on PEACE TRAINS – taking commuter trains into NYC at coordinated times.

    In Jersey City, NJ Jersey City Peace Movement, VFP NJ and Anakbayan are gathering at the Journal Square Fountain for a 10:30 am Rally, then taking the PATH Train to 14th St & 6th Ave and marching down to Union Square

    In Newark NJ Peoples Organization for Progress and others are gathering in front of Penn Station at 10:30 to 11 am and taking PATH Train to 14th St.

    There are 6 scheduled PEACE TRAINS times of activists coming in on the Long Island RR lines to Penn Station and walking down to Union Square.

    BUS Drop Off is at Union Square – Broadway at 15th St.

    BUS Parking and Pickup is 2 blocks from the ending rally at Foley Square along Church St, from Worth St. going north

    Rally at Union Square (14th and Broadway) NOON

    The March leaves Union Square going south down the densely packed shopping street of Broadway at about 2:00 to 2:30 to Foley Square.

    The March is 1.7 miles and takes 30 min to under 1 hour, depending on our pace.

    There are several subway stops along Broadway and of course at Union Square for those for whom walking is difficult. To get to Foley Square take the subway to Brooklyn Bridge, or City Hall stop.

    On the march, drums, cymbals, horns, whistles and our voices chanting are allowed.

    In NYC amplified sound is permitted only at the rallies.

    The End Rally and Peace Fair is at the Fountain at Foley Square until 6 pm.

    REMEMBER !! Based on NYC regulations: NO wooden, bamboo, PVC or metal poles are permitted for signs and flags. Cardboard tubes, such as those used in fabric stores, are permitted. Police will confiscate poles made of other material. We welcome signs and banners. UNAC has made hundreds of signs that we will be distributing.


    We have reserved some large 6 foot tables for delivery to Foley Square for literature, displays and exhibits. Tables are limited in quantity and will be allocated on a first reserved basis. So reserve your table now.

    To reserve a table contact Sue Davis,

    You can also bring your own table to Foley Square.

    We are asking a $40 to $50 donation for all tables where political and First Amendments items will be sold and a $25 donation for tables of strictly free literature. All donations collected will go toward covering the rally expenses.

    If you want to table at the assembly point and first rally (12-2 pm) at Union Square, it will be crowded and difficult and you must bring your own table.

    There will be Porto-Sans at Foley Square.

    We will need volunteers and take-down crews at the end of both Rallies to thoroughly clean both Parks or we will lose a $1,000 ‘Clean-up Bond’ that we had to post with NYC Parks Department. So please be considerate during the day and help on clean-up at the end.

    How to get to the UNION SQUARE, NYC RALLY:

    From points north of New York City in New York and Connecticut, see the Metro North website:

    From New Jersey, use the Path Train:

    From points further afield, use Amtrak:

    To Union Square:

    From the Port Authority (New York’s major bus station):

    Follow signs within the terminal for the Subway, then follow signs for the Q train. Take the Q train “Downtown/To Coney Island”. Get off at 14th St. – Union Square.

    From Penn Station (New York’s Amtrak hub):

    Follow signs within the terminal for the Subway, then follow signs for the 1 train. Take the 1 train from 34 Street – Penn Station heading “Uptown / to Van Cortlandt Park”. Get off at the first stop, 42nd St. – Times Square. Follow signs for the Q train heading “Downtown/ to Coney Island”. Get off at 14th St. – Union Square.

    From Grand Central Station (New York’s major MetroNorth station):

    Follow signs within the terminal for the Subway, then follow signs for the 4, 5, or 6 trains. Take any of those “Downtown/ to Crown Heights”. Get off at 14th St. – Union Square.

    For more information, consult the web page of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority’s Subway system:

    International Action Center

    c/o Solidarity Center
    55 W 17th St Suite 5C
    New York, NY 10011


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