Yemen anti-dictatorship fight continues

This video from England is called March 12, 2011 Yemen Protest in London.

From Amnesty International:

International community must help probe Yemen’s protest killings

6 April 2011

The international community must play a more active role if Yemenis are to get accountability for the bloody killings of recent weeks, Amnesty International said as it released a new report into human rights violations in Yemen over the last year.

Moment of Truth for Yemen documents the brutal repression of a wave of protests against the rule of President Ali Abdullah Saleh which has left 94 dead according to the organization’s latest figures. The protests have been fuelled by frustration at corruption, unemployment and repression of freedoms. …

Amnesty International also called on all governments to immediately suspend the authorization, supply and transfers of weapons, munitions, armaments and related material to the security forces in Yemen, if they could be used for excessive force in the policing of protests.

Suppliers to Yemen include Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, the Russian Federation, Turkey, UK, Ukraine and the USA.

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