British soldiers kill Afghan woman

This video from the USA about Afghanistan is called Democracy Now! “Stop These Massacres ” Part 1/2. Malalai Joya Interviewed.

Part 2/2 is here.

Not just “kill teams” or other United States soldiers kill Afghan civilians. So did Dutch soldiers when they still were in Afghanistan (and they may start doing that again if they will go to Kunduz province, according to the Rightist Dutch government plans). So do other foreign troops; including from Britain.

From Reuters:

UK troops kill Afghan woman in car accident – police

Wed Apr 6, 2011 10:35am GMT

By Hamid Shalizi

KABUL – British troops killed an Afghan woman and wounded a woman and a child in a car accident in Kabul Wednesday, a spokesman for the Kabul police chief said, adding that initial reports a man had been shot dead at the scene were wrong.

Spokesman Hashmat Stanekzai said information he had initially given out, that two women and a man had been killed, was the result of miscommunication between security forces.

The accident came at a time of heightened anti-Western sentiment across Afghanistan because of the burning of a Koran by a radical fundamentalist U.S. pastor in late March.

There have been days of protests about the desecration of Islam’s holy book, some of which have turned deadly. Seven foreign U.N. staff and at least 17 Afghans have been killed in violence in northern Mazar-i-Sharif and southern Kandahar city.

Afghanistan: NATO kills two civilians in an accident, another shot: here.

USA: Adam Ashton, The Tacoma News Tribune: “A former Afghan lawmaker told an audience of South Sound peace activists Tuesday that photos of Joint Base Lewis-McChord soldiers grinning over the corpse of a boy they allegedly murdered revealed a disregard for civilian lives among U.S. forces fighting in her country. ‘They are making fun with the dead bodies of my people,’ said Malalai Joya, 32, a human rights activist who visited the University of Washington Tacoma on her U.S. speaking tour. About 80 people attended her talk, which was hosted by the group Peace Action of Washington and was her seventh in the Puget Sound area this week”: here.

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