Yemen dictatorship keeps killing

This video says about itself:

Video shows a gang of pro-government supporters attacking cameraman Muhammad Sa’id al-Sharabi from Al-Arabiya satellite TV during an anti-government rally in Sanaa, Yemen, on February 18, 2011. Footage courtesy of Al-Arabiya.

The regime of President Ali Abdullah Saleh in Yemen, which continues to enjoy the support of the Obama administration and other Western powers, carried out another massacre of anti-government demonstrators Monday, in the southwestern city of Taiz: here. And here.

Yemeni activists said today that the body count from Monday’s confrontation in which military forces and police snipers shot at marchers had risen to at least 15: here.

4 thoughts on “Yemen dictatorship keeps killing

  1. Prisoners’ families stage protest

    LEBANON: Relatives of inmates at the country’s largest jail have held a protest against prison conditions, briefly closing a main road leading to the facility and burning tyres.

    The protest follows several days of rioting by inmates demanding better living conditions in Roumieh prison, east of Beirut.

    Interior Minister Ziad Baroud says Roumieh was built to hold 1,050 prisoners but currently has 3,700 inmates.

    Only 721 have been convicted while the rest are either awaiting trial or are now on trial.


    21-year-old killed by Israel soldiers

    GAZA: Palestinian authorities say a 21-year-old man has been killed by Israeli fire along Gaza’s volatile border with Israel.

    Relatives of Mohammed Shalha say he was collecting gravel along the border when he was shot.

    Impoverished Gazans often search the area for scrap metal and other materials in the hope of reselling them.

    The Israeli military confirmed Tuesday’s attack but claimed that the man was armed.


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